Saturday, April 21, 2007


Fifth Avenue in front of Tiffany's

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Greek and Roman Galleries at the Met

East Second Street-on my way to the subway

Marble statue

View into the galleries

The view from the second floor of the new galleries
at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I went to the Met today to see the new Greek and Roman galleries.
It is a really expansive and impressive collection, and I felt like I was back in Rome and Greece. Lots of sculptures, beautiful collections of carved amber, gold jewelry, glass vases, and candelabras. Even the floors have been redone and tiled. There is so much to see. I loved the interiors of the Pompeii house, the colors are amazingly bright even though it's from 50-40 BC.

Architectural detail

Marble head of an athlete

On the way home -Grand Central

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ArtWalk 2007 at the Noho Star

"Burano" - Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker
Reproduction or any use of this photograph on the Internet

is forbidden without written permission and compensation
to Astrid Brucker 212.995.0246.

Someone stole this photo...I guess someone liked it.

The manager insisted I hang the pictures starting at the bottom tier of windows this year. Why, I'm not sure. I was afraid that they would be bumped against when people sat down. They were taped up securely with packing tape and whoever peeled it off must have had some very sharp nails. At the opening someone also stole my umbrella.

Noho Star Restaurant windows at Bleecker Street
(before the theft)

I'm also displaying prints of Tobago and Trinidad
at the Commerce Bank at 666 Broadway.

Date: April 25th-May 9th, 2007

The fourth annual Noho NY ArtWalk in the celebrated
Noho community features
a retrospective of established and
emerging artists' work uniquely showcased in

stores, restaurants and banks in the area.