Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Field trip

On Sunday my friend Wen took me and a few friends to Flushing
home to one of the largest Chinese and East Asian communities in New York City. Our first stop was to see "Mr. Bones", a blind fortune teller who reads bones.
Though I have never known the exact time I was born, I was told it was 7-8 PM.

I felt the reading was right on-down to my love of the ocean...
soon after it rained but not for long.

Our next stop was the Tibetan Steam Spa, where we put our feet inside
cedar tubs of Tibetan herbs combined with steam, followed by a foot massage.
My feet have been tingling since Sunday-quite a lovely experience!
I haven't felt that relaxed in a long time, you can see my big grin (I'm in the back).

Being happy and relaxed, we worked up an appetite and headed to Flushing Mall
which has a huge Food Court specializing in Taiwanese and Chinese street food.
I had a delicious fish dinner, and tried some dessert which was passion fruit on top
of shaved ice. Not too sweet but just right.

On the way home we all stopped at the fruit market where I bought dragon fruit,
liche, cherries and grapes. My friend Barbara took the picture below.
A perfect day, I learned a lot, got an insight into the future, and my feet are
de-stressed too.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Examiner NYC

Would love to see my dress on Lady Gaga, but for now see it here
and on the examiner.com