Monday, December 17, 2007

blog.mode: addressing fashion

John Galliano

French bonnet 1830-1835

American Day Dress, 1830
White cotton

Hussein Chalayan
Remote Control Dress, spring/summer 2000
Pink fiberglass and pink nylon tulle

Hamish Morrow
Ensemble, spring/summer 2002
White polyester mesh, white silk/nylon blend,
faceted glass, silver wire and cotton canvas

Today's Press Preview at the Costume Institute of
blog.mode: addressing fashion
included fashions from the 1700's to the present.

I've included pictures of some of my favorites.

I walked in right after Manolo Blahnik, and He had his picture taken with this red Galliano.

John Galliano for Christian Dior
Dress, spring/summer 2003
Red silk tulle with crocodile applique

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bullets & Brokers

My assistant, Traci Feuerbach took these shots of the
guys of "Under New Management".

They go from goumba track suits to Brooks Brothers suits
after getting haircuts, sensitivity lessons and
working out and turn into legitimate realtors.

We shot most of the movie in Dumbo on Old Fulton Street.
Still have yet to try the pizza at Grimaldi's.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bullets & Brokers

Photo Still by Jessica Miglio

I just designed costumes on a feature film entitled "Bullets & Brokers"
aka "Under New Management"
directed by Joe Otting.

It's a comedy and starts out like the Sopranos.
Then the Don dies and
the mobsters turn into legitimate real estate brokers.

The script is hilarious and written by Denis Hamil.

Below are some stills from the film.

Photo Still by Jessica Miglio

Photo Still by Jessica Miglio

Friday, September 14, 2007

James Brunsdon

James Brunsdon Fashion Show

This was one of the first looks and to the left is W's Treena Lombardo

Sunday, September 9, 2007

New York Fashion Week

Chris Han Fashion Show

This show was beautiful-loved the bird print!

Beautiful silks in neutrals and pale grey-
all of the clothes were well-made and so pretty.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Monday, July 9, 2007

JOSHUA in theaters

Joshua in theaters - July 2007

Posted: Aug. 30, 2007

"...costume designer Astrid Brucker captures the eeriness in Joshua's preppy, Oxford-cloth shirts."

Special to the Journal Sentinel

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Poiret: King of Fashion

at the Metropolitan Museum May 9-August 5, 2007

"Press Preview 1"- Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker

The set up involved an incredible birdcage
with thousands of perfectly red, fragrant roses.

"Press Preview 2"- Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker

"Press Preview 3" Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker
The mannequins were based on sculptures by Brancusi.

"Press Preview 4" Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker
Evening dress worn by Denise Poiret.

"Press Preview 5" Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker
Nightdresses worn by Denise Poiret, ca. 1920

"Press Preview 6" Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker
'Bouclier' Day Dress 1925

"Press Preview 7" Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker

Poiret draping fabric on a mannequin.

"Press Preview 8" Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker

"Press Preview 9" Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker

"Press Preview 10" Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker

"Press Preview 11" Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker

"Press Preview 12" Copyright 2007 Astrid Brucker
Opera Coat

Most of these items were sold to the Metropolitan Museum
by Poiret's granddaughter in Paris.


Wednesday, May 2, 2007


in honor of Bike-To-Work-Week in New York City
May 14-18, 2007

My entry was one of the winners and is featured in a free, down-loadable PDF e-brochure "Cycle Chic: A Revolution in Style," available on the Cycles Gladiator website at

Emily Avsar

Emily Avsar

Emily Avsar

Astrid Brucker and Emily Avsar

The Gladiator's Cycle Chic Invitational Contest:
A Revolution in Style, celebrating uninhibited bicycle fashions.

My concept: A ballerina on the way to rehearsals wears clothes that are soft yet protective, with layers that perfectly fuse her sense of drama with her flair for virtuoso technique.

The layering is to keep her warm and the silver hoody is great for visibility and against the elements. She wears Esprit ballerina flats that have assymetrical straps that mimic a dancer's lace-up toe shoes. Both comfortable and stylish this ensemble can be worn in any number of ways as each layer can be shed in case of a warm sunny day. The vintage lace gloves were my grandmother's. Though they are feminine, they have a practicality, giving traction and protection from the wind. My lambskin triangle tote (See: can be worn as a messenger bag and is sleek and stylish. I tied the ballet shoes onto the strap so that the dancer's profession can be identified easily (one of the rules of the contest) but also if she is running late she will still be ready in a flash.

Credits: toe shoes,
Capezio; lambskin leather triangle tote, astridland; pink tulle scarf & silver chain suspenders, astridland; reversible ABT heather grey shorts, Capezio; black tulle and knit wrap top, leg warmers,black dress tube, Danskin; leggings, Everlast; slip, Cerie; silver hoody, OMO for Everlast; ballerina flats, Esprit, helmet, Bell; gloves, vintage.

The free, down-loadable PDF e-brochure "Cycle Chic: A Revolution in Style," is available on the Cycles Gladiator website at

See the article in the NY POST:

Also See the Associated Press article:

"Biking style enters new cycle"
by Samantha Critchell, AP Fashion Writer

"...Dance was an inspiration for many designers this spring, and stylist Astrid Brucker made the most of the trend: Capezio's reversible ABT shorts, a Danskin black wrap top, leg warmers and tube dress, along with Everlast leggings. Suggested extras: a silver hoodie by OMO for Everlast, vintage gloves and a tulle scarf.

For more hints on how and what to wear, and where to find it, check out www.cycles and click on the Cycle Chic Invitational link."

For more information on my costume designs for film, TV and commercials, go to

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Fifth Avenue in front of Tiffany's

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Greek and Roman Galleries at the Met

East Second Street-on my way to the subway

Marble statue

View into the galleries

The view from the second floor of the new galleries
at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I went to the Met today to see the new Greek and Roman galleries.
It is a really expansive and impressive collection, and I felt like I was back in Rome and Greece. Lots of sculptures, beautiful collections of carved amber, gold jewelry, glass vases, and candelabras. Even the floors have been redone and tiled. There is so much to see. I loved the interiors of the Pompeii house, the colors are amazingly bright even though it's from 50-40 BC.

Architectural detail

Marble head of an athlete

On the way home -Grand Central