Ever wonder why a designer chose those certain colors? Or what makes them tick? I do. And that’s what 5 on Friday is all about — learning more about designers (and hopefully discovering some fabulous new ones in the process). This week’s designer is Astrid Brucker.

Astrid Brucker, a NYC-based fashion designer, who designs Astridland. She started the line after making her name as a stylist and costume designer, and now designs a line of fabulous, modern, sophisticated dresses, jewelry and bags. See her collection here.

Ms. Brucker was kind enough to answer five questions for Sassy Closet … here’s what she had to say:

1. When did you know you wanted to be a designer?
Astrid Bruckner: I’ve always had an eye for color & silhouette and have been drawing since I was little, as well as collecting images in collage-like inspiration books. When I went to NYU I was bored in class and always sketching in the margins of my notebooks and I decided to change my major and apply to Parsons New School for their fashion program.


2. What goes into selecting colors and fabrics for your designs?
AB: I go by instinct and also I see a lot of fabrics and prints twice a year, and I buy what I love. Usually it’s very difficult for me to find and I tend to like the avant -guarde and make it wearable. I also attend trend seminars to try to stay current for the season. I just watched a presentation about Spring 2012. It’s always very exciting and gets me thinking. There are also certain sketches I’ve done that I file until I find the appropriate fabric. Sometimes the idea is first sometimes I see a fabric first, but it all comes down to what feels right.

3. What inspires you?
AB: Being free and being able to move in the clothes, I’ve been inspired by the waves in the ocean, ballet, Morocco, and the Indian sari, I like matte metallics, lace, textures and even a snowy morning can be inspiring seeing the icy snow on tree branches I thought would make a great abstract print. I do my best to always keep my eyes open, as I believe there is so much around us especially in NYC, it’s important to stay curious.

4. What’s one new trend for 2011 that everyone should know about?
AB: I love the idea of layering sheers with lace, and prints inspired by ocean waves — there’s a softness with texture and a refined looseness in wearing oversized tunics. Adding really light layers can change the look from day to evening.

5. What’s your one must-have accessory these days?
AB: My sterling silver subway token necklace-I always liked tokens and it brings back fun memories of when I first arrived in NYC.See more here: sassycloset