Thursday, February 7, 2008

Custo Barcelona-Fall 2008

The eclectic mix of patterns, brights, sequins and different time
periods was the epitome of a Custo show. Everything was there,
a white cowl neck fur sweater with bell sleeves, shiny metallic
dresses and the other fun element was that it was both men's
and women's clothes. Every color and every texture conceivable
was blended in for that very unique look.

The models all looked very glamorous with long flowing hair and
sunglasses; it was very jet set.

Thanks to Alejandra for helping me get in!

This show was packed and the guards outside were not so helpful
so it was great to get a backstage pass and walk through to the seats
that way. I hadn't been backstage for a long time and felt a bit like
a deer in headlights, not knowing which way was out.

Fashion week can be stressful, from the planning what to wear,
transportation, inclement weather,
right to when you sit and then have to wait.

After this show I felt relieved.

Then I saw Douglas with a great hat and took his picture.
I loved the whole outfit. Very sophisticated, glam, innovative
rock & roll!

Chris Han -Fall 2008

The Chris Han show was a mix of delicate sheers, rich sculptural furs
and draped and floral details. This collection looked very expensive
and had an "uptown" feel. The colors were muted moss green, beige,
midnight blue and marbled greys. The brighter colors mixed
with greys and browns included both burgundy and chartreuse.

The clothes work for every day wear-the silhouettes were
simple and the layering of vests was elegant although I'm not sure
I could keep those sleeves so perfectly rolled up.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Agyness in a black Tibetan goat jacket and
black twisted satin burnout with nouveau cutout
velvet yoke tunic and black heliotrope plaid with lace trim skirt

Mixed prints and velvet trim

Mixed prints dress with matching tights

The front row across from where I was sitting.

Agyness in mauve ombre butterflies on iridescent
lame cotton and lame long skirt

From the Beatles to Siuxsie and the Banshees,
the music accentuated the many layers of textures,
mixed prints, velvet trim, star borders, and fringe.
It brought to mind the 70's from the tunics to the
fun capes and headbands with flowers.
The collection has an edginess to it because the inspiration
is so seemlessly blended with the energy of New York City.

I would wear it all! My only wish would be that we could slow
down the speed of the models during the show,
so I could savor each detail. There was so much to see and
Anna Sui has such a rich combination of
textures that 2 seconds per outfit is not enough.

Loved this show!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Joanna Mastroianni Fall 2008

See Cindy Adams (in red) from the NY Post
in the front row on the right...

Joanna Mastroianni's collection was influenced by Morocco
and the mod 1960's. The show had some nice pieces,
although the gold mini followed by a sheer caftan
was a bit odd. The models did not seem enthused
and some of the clothes were very conservative.
I would have liked to to see a more cohesive overall look.

I've always wanted to go to Morocco and though I liked the keyhole
back on a few looks, I wish there had been more of a statement.
However, the draping on the evening gowns was very beautiful and elegant. I loved the big hair and the make-up too.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Phillipe & David Blond Fall 2008

Phillipe & David Blond

This was quite a fantastic show.
Someone was seated in my chair(-double booking-)
but I was able to sit next to an amazing
designer, Aurelio Costarella,
whose collection I saw in the same space last season.

Aurelio started out as an architect and is based in Australia.
He just did a photo shoot in New York.

Phillipe & David Blond had a glam rock & roll ethereal collection.
Chandeliers were draped and provided a great backdrop
to the Swarovski crystal bodices. The models
were incredible and the hair was wild.

I sat in Rosemary Ponzo's seat. She wanted to be in the front row,
better to show off her feathery outfit.

I was honored to sit next to Aurelio. This was the most fun show yet
and I am looking forward to seeing Aurelio's spring show this September.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fall '08-development by Erica Davies

Erica Davies, based in California, showed designs that are
feminine and wearable. I liked the layering of materials
and the decorative trims. There were some unique
silhouettes involving jumpers with tunics that were
innovative, practical and fun. It's a nice option for the
wardrobe in addition to the pretty draped dresses and skinny pants.

I loved the shiny curtain with gold tassels and
I thought the flowers on each chair were a nice touch!

Fall '08 Collections-Academy of Art


This show included some designs of the School of Fashion Academy of Art University recent graduates. I loved the various textiles by Ivanka created by bonding newsprint paper to base fabric, drawing with a knife and even using a chef's torch to create a burnout effect.

Jee Hyoung had a great sense of volume and dimension in her
designs reminiscent of Balenciaga. I loved the dramatic shapes
and the elegant grays and blacks added to the architectural feel.

Maria Potesta had wonderful tunic shapes and leggings in
variations of graphic black and white and the clothes were not
only beautiful and striking but looked comfortable too especially
when paired with the colorful sci-fi booties.

Felice Morganti had a very unique collection of leathers
and felted wool.
I also loved the menswear designs of Shady Elias
and Young Jun Ryu.This show was like a breath of fresh air.

A fantastic show and really inspiring.

Some of my favorite pieces are below.

Jee Hyong Jang, Fashion Designer

Jee Hyong Jang, Fashion Designer

Soo Jung Sung, Fashion Designer
Ivanka Georgiev, Textile Designer

Soo Jung Sung, Fashion Designer
Ivanka Georgiev, Textile Designer

Marie Potesta, Fashion and Knitwear Designer

Marie Potesta, Fashion and Knitwear Designer

Marie Potesta, Fashion and Knitwear Designer

Felice Morganti, Fashion Designer
Black leather honeycomb skirt, dreadlock scarf