Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good for more than one fare

the inspiration was a nostalgic feeling for vintage NYC-

freedom, good times, energy and laughter

sterling silver 17.5" chain and solid sterling
silver subway token 7/8" diameter

The Y cutout design is from 1985 and was worth $. 90

the wear on the token is authentic giving it a bit of character.

“Five Boroughs” Pentagram Token Necklace

original pentagram NYC city subway token

cast in sterling silver with a matte finish on an 17.5"

sterling silver chain and a lobster clasp in sterling silver

this token was newly minted in 1991 for the fare increase to $1.25,

but not used at that time-instead they were held until

the $1.50 fare increase in 1995.

it was finally phased out in favor of the Metrocard system,

just after midnight on April 13, 2003

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