Friday, January 8, 2010

Dress Codes

There is one week left to see Dress Codes at the
International Center for Photography.

The show closes on January 17th and marks the culmination of
ICP's Year of Fashion-a series of groundbreaking
exhibitions that explore fashion photography
in its widest social and cultural contexts.

Yto Barrada’s sequence of photographs of an elderly female
smuggler who demonstrates how to transport clothes into Morocco.

Apparently the woman has been smuggling clothes for twenty years.

Jeremy Kost's polaroids

Kimsooja’s installation, Mumbai: A Laundry Field is a four-channel
video on the brilliantly hued textiles in the Indian cityscape, the
workers commuting on trains and their place in the life of the city.

Janaina Tschaepe's photos

The closing party is being hosted January 14th by Jed Root

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