Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chado ralph rucci

Bill Cunningham, a fashion photographer

The day after the big snow storm, the streets were still slippery
in heels on my way to the Chado ralph rucci show
It took place in his showroom this season and
I sat next to Cheryl Maday and PJ.

The clothes were so gorgeous and innovative-
such impeccable craftsmanship, construction and attention
to detail, the tiniest of hems on chiffon, it was just like
watching a ballet of fashion, where everything seems
fluid and effortless.

I was inspired by all the gorgeous seaming details with jolts
of color woven with sheer layers and textures and loved the
wrapped hands of the models. I was just mesmerized
by the number of dresses Ralph designed-54 incredible pieces!

A masterpiece fashion show!

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