Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY Fabric Flower Workshop

at the Hester Holiday Fair 233 Mott Street NYC Dec. 15   5-7 PM
These hand sewn hairpins are perfect for casual or dressy events; just the right thing to tuck into your side braid or to hold your bangs back and the perfect present!
Handmade out of recycled materials this DIY project is fun and super easy to make.
astridland prides itself on no waste. Astrid Brucker, a Parsons graduate sews her own collection and with the leftover scraps makes hairpins, fingerless gloves and even handbags. Everything is handmade in her studio in NYC.

The cost is $2 to participate in the workshop or you can just buy the ready made ones. Simple flower hairpins go for $ 5 and more ornate ones are $ 12.

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