Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Issue

astridland is featured in the September Issue
of theMAGAZINE(ok)
It's up!

Creative Outlet: Chris Makos, Astrid Brucker, Jack Blue Studio, Aris Ziagos.
Teamwork: Amoy Pitters
Main Event: Bill Diodato's c/o ward 81 book release party (interview), Sonic Youth in Prospect Park, Spur Tree tasting event, Blay Report's Blogworthy Awards
The Talk: Matthew Jordan Smith, Lauren Ezersky, Rebecca Blake.
The Big Picture: Anna Thiessen, Meagan Cignoli

Click here to read the First Anniversary
September 2010 issue of theMAGAZINE(ok)


destressthis said...

Congrats! I'm off to check it out now ;) xo E.

Unknown said...

Thank you! xo

Holly Mackenzie Cupp said...

The models hair in this photo is so glamorous! I like the pieces she's wearing, but not together. I'd love to know more about your company =) Where are you based?

Unknown said...

Hi Holly,
I'm based in NYC and thanks for your comment-I was not doing the hair : )
You can see more of my line at