Thursday, February 7, 2008

Custo Barcelona-Fall 2008

The eclectic mix of patterns, brights, sequins and different time
periods was the epitome of a Custo show. Everything was there,
a white cowl neck fur sweater with bell sleeves, shiny metallic
dresses and the other fun element was that it was both men's
and women's clothes. Every color and every texture conceivable
was blended in for that very unique look.

The models all looked very glamorous with long flowing hair and
sunglasses; it was very jet set.

Thanks to Alejandra for helping me get in!

This show was packed and the guards outside were not so helpful
so it was great to get a backstage pass and walk through to the seats
that way. I hadn't been backstage for a long time and felt a bit like
a deer in headlights, not knowing which way was out.

Fashion week can be stressful, from the planning what to wear,
transportation, inclement weather,
right to when you sit and then have to wait.

After this show I felt relieved.

Then I saw Douglas with a great hat and took his picture.
I loved the whole outfit. Very sophisticated, glam, innovative
rock & roll!

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