Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Agyness in a black Tibetan goat jacket and
black twisted satin burnout with nouveau cutout
velvet yoke tunic and black heliotrope plaid with lace trim skirt

Mixed prints and velvet trim

Mixed prints dress with matching tights

The front row across from where I was sitting.

Agyness in mauve ombre butterflies on iridescent
lame cotton and lame long skirt

From the Beatles to Siuxsie and the Banshees,
the music accentuated the many layers of textures,
mixed prints, velvet trim, star borders, and fringe.
It brought to mind the 70's from the tunics to the
fun capes and headbands with flowers.
The collection has an edginess to it because the inspiration
is so seemlessly blended with the energy of New York City.

I would wear it all! My only wish would be that we could slow
down the speed of the models during the show,
so I could savor each detail. There was so much to see and
Anna Sui has such a rich combination of
textures that 2 seconds per outfit is not enough.

Loved this show!!!

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