Monday, February 4, 2008

Phillipe & David Blond Fall 2008

Phillipe & David Blond

This was quite a fantastic show.
Someone was seated in my chair(-double booking-)
but I was able to sit next to an amazing
designer, Aurelio Costarella,
whose collection I saw in the same space last season.

Aurelio started out as an architect and is based in Australia.
He just did a photo shoot in New York.

Phillipe & David Blond had a glam rock & roll ethereal collection.
Chandeliers were draped and provided a great backdrop
to the Swarovski crystal bodices. The models
were incredible and the hair was wild.

I sat in Rosemary Ponzo's seat. She wanted to be in the front row,
better to show off her feathery outfit.

I was honored to sit next to Aurelio. This was the most fun show yet
and I am looking forward to seeing Aurelio's spring show this September.


Daniel said...

Great “Fantasy Designs”
I hope these guys get picked up by a major house.

FitzWilliam said...

Fantastic review and ever better photos. I found a video interview with them. What characters.

Fashion Week video with the Blondes

JB said...

After seeing their work I think they are the perfect pick to design Britney's outfit for her album cover. I cant wait to see it!

*my Dr** said...

can't wait to see what they do for britney's album cover!!!!!